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Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)


In some people, traumatic experiences caused by overwhelming fear, life threatening danger and feeling totally out of control, set off a reaction that can last for many months or years. This is called Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder ( PTSD).



·          Observing & hearing of serious accidents or death (esp family members, service

............personnel observing shootings);

·          Military forces (kidnapping, hostage, prisoner, terrorist attack);

·          Violent personal assault (mental, sexual & physical assault, robbery or mugging);

·          Severe neglect/abuse as a child or adult (includes violence);

·          Natural or man-made disasters;

·          Being diagnosed with a life-threatening illness;

·          Working in the forces (fire brigade, ambulance & police services dealing with horrific sights).



Symptoms may vary from person to person but in general they may include:


·          feel grief-stricken & fearful;

·          depression;

·          anxiety;

·          guilt;

·          angry;

·          flashbacks;

·          nightmares;

·          feeling numb & avoiding anything that is a reminder of trauma.


Other accompanying emotional reactions such as irritability, digestive problems, headaches & general pains over the body may lead a victim to substance abuse, suicide or alcohol abuse . Help is at hand:. If you are in a situation where you continue to be exposed to stress and uncertainty, this will make it difficult or impossible for your PTSD symptoms to improve. The use of clinical hypnotherapy is a unique way of helping you live a normal life again. It enables the emotions & traumatic event to be disassociated with each other. Hypnotherapy can’t wipe out your past but it CAN restore peace & harmony to your life.


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